Welcome to the HeadQuarters

You’re here! I’m so glad that you could make it! The headquarters is your one stop shop for all things crochet. Whether you’re a casual crocheter looking for a stylish, modern crochet pattern, or a crochetpreneur looking for ways to further your crochet business, the Chasing SunRaee Headquarters has you covered.

Is this space for you?

If you answered yes to any of theses questions, the headquarters is the place for you

Who am I?

 I’m Radyance, better known by my youtube alias, Chasing SunRaee. I am a 27 year old, self taught via youtube, Crochet designer, teacher, and influencer. I am also the Ceo of SunRaee Swimwear, LLC. I have a passion for crocheting hip, trendy, urban crochetwear. I enjoy teaching others not only how to recreate my designs, but also how to properly execute techniques to further hone their craft. 

Crocheting is my full time job so I’m always learning, reseaching, and figuring out how to be the best crochet entrprenuer that I can be. Although making clothing garments is my specialty I really want to branch out and explore other parts of the crochet community. I took a break from selling crochet products to focus on the teaching aspect of my business BUT since starting my site, I will be jumping back into the retail side of crochet. I have very big dream for my crochet business and I will not stop until I achieve them. Follow and learn with me on this journey!

So what can you expect to find here?

The Sunraee headquarters is where I’ll be documenting and sharing all of my learnings and findings on my crochet journey. I will be journaling, vlogging, and writing research reports on EVERYTHING as I try and grow my own crochet business and brand. This space will consist of 3 major hubs:

Skill Building

The skill-building hub is where we will be learning different crochet related skills. I say related because not only will we be learning physical crochet techniques and skills to apply to our projects and designs, like how to properly decrease and increase mesh or how to work the magic formula to get the perfect fit every time. We will also be learning skills on how to run our crochet business. Skills like how to work social media algorithms and get the max organic reach every time we post. How to properly set up your crochet YouTube studio so that you can have a smooth workflow. We will even include things like how to set up a website like mines (I did it myself)! So much to learn, so little time! No matter your skill level, you can always learn something to make you better!


The pattern hub is where you’ll be able to find all of my writtern and video patterns of my own original designs. Your membership plan will determine what and how much access you have to the pattern hub. I will drop one premier pattern a month here on the site. The premier pattern will have a writtern AND video version. Along with the premier pattern of the month, I will be dropping little random patterns of things I make throughout the month that aren’t quite worthy of “premier” status. Official members of the Sun Clan will be able to help me decide on what the premier pattern of the month should be, and have an influene on what I design for the pattern of the month


The Blog hub is where we will be taking all those skills we built, and patterns we created out into the real world. This will be the place where I can let you guys knows what is working for me in REAL LIFE. The blog will be broken into 2 categories:


The business blog is where I’ll be blogging/vlogging about my experience as a crochet business owner. Sharing information on what is and isn’t working for me. The business blog will also host series like “OMY” where I’ll be testing out and reviewing different yarns, and “What in the Crochet?!” where I’ll be buying and reviewing patterns from your favorite designers. 



The personal blog will be just that. Here you will find my journal about my own personal goals and dreams. Here you will get to see the person behind the brand on a more personal level. This blog will be reserved for Official Members Only

Within these 3 hubs we will be learning a multitude of many different things! Whether you’re an advance crocheter who has been mastering the craft for years, or someone who is just starting out. Whether you crochet for fun, or are looking to turn your craft into a full time business, there is something here for everyone. Grab your hook and yarn and come join the Sun Clan