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Welcome to our very first
#SunRaeeCIY on the new website

I have been working on this website forEVER and I’m so glad to finally be able to share it with you! With that being said, lets talk about what you came here for, the “Beachy Girl Crochet Bralette”. I came up with this design randomly out of the blue the other day. I was up at like 4am, kicking shits, just up to be up. I had been feeling a little down because I’v been writing patterns up and getting them tested and if you’ve ever done this before you understand how tedious it can be. The whole process has just truly been beating me up and messing with my short term business and personal goals ON TOP OF being winter designs. To get myself out of a rut I decided that I was going to just crochet a freehand bralette for fun. Something that I could potentially sell in my onlime shop and just something to create to get me out of my own head. Taking me completely back to my roots, I grabbed my handy dandy old faithful 3.5mm hook, and grabbed some size 4 cotton yarn (a new one that I hadn’t tried before) and went to work. It completely took me out of my crochet blues and brought me back to my happy place.

The initial design


So this was the initial design that i came up with. I really, really liked this design because its simple and cute. I also liked it because instead of tying it in the back like a tradional bikini top, it tied in the front. I was also able to incorporate a few techniques in this design that I hadn’t done before so that was exciting. All in all it was an amazing, but simple project and it triggered me to create another bralette. One that wasn’t so simple. I thought that the ruffle would be enough to make it look not so basic but it just WASN’T! So I decided to redo the bralette but with a little bit of DRAMA sprinkled on top of it 

and thus, The Beachy Girl Bralette was born.....

Welllllll,  not exactly lol. I still wasn’t completely sold on the idea of recording a tutorial PLUS it was a few things that I wanted to add to the design before I thought it was enough to have a tutorial on it. I am SOOOO tired of just using basic ass stitches in all of my projects. Although I

I used a shell stitch on the edge of the ruffle, it just wasn’t making the project pop in the way that I wanted it to. So to make the project “do the most” I decided that I would use an asymmetric neckline by adding a ruffle across the inner edge of one of the bra cups that extended all the way up into the

outter edge of the strap. To do that I would have to once again do some techniques that I hadn’t done before. I aso decided to add an extra layer of ruffles to the bottom and give it a layered look. For the bottom layer I added in a little bit of stitch texture by throwing in the basic mesh stitch. Since this bralette woud have a 2nd layer of ruffles, I wanted it to be bigger so I went up a few hook sizes when I made it. This would give the top a little bit more drape and flow. All and all, I absolutely LOVED the 2nd version of this top. Here is a timelapse video of me creating this design from start to finish. I sent pictures to a couple of my friends and I got mixed reviews. The one that stuck out to me the most was “I should add a ruffle to both sides” which I believe would be extremely cute BUT at that point in the project it was way too late to frog it on top of the fact that having an assymetric neckline was one of the biggest reasons why I did the one shoulder ruffle. I can definitely see myself revisting this design in the future and adding ruffles to both side and recording a tutorial for it. I was super pleased with the outcome of this project and considered recording a tutorial on it as the final piece. I was ultimately stirred away from doing so because like it was TOO DAMN EXTRA lol. Like yesss, yah girl is ALWAYS here for the dramatic vibes but for my first tutorial back I kinda didn’t want the project to be too loud and I wanted it to be something that


appealed to a wide range of people. I needed to the find the perefct balance between the 2 inital rough draft designs. So for the final design I decided to ditch the upper body ruffle and keep all ruffles below the cups. I still wanted 2 layers at the bottom but instead of the basic mesh stitch on the bottom layer I opted for a few rows of trellis stitch on both the top and bottom layers instead. The trellis would add a little more of a pazazz compared to the mesh but it was still easy enough to be able to keep the tutorial beginner friendly. I had the design all figured out! I grabbed my camera and recorded


 what would now be known as the “Beachy Girl Bralette”. I can honestly say I truly enjoyed the entire process of making this tutorial. From the designing all the way down to the recording and editing. Nothing about it seemed like “work” to me and it was exactly what I needed to put myself back into the game. It reminded me of why I started Chasing SunRaee in the first place. With crochet being my fulltime job now its so easy to get caught up in the monetization of things and making sure everything is perfect enough to even be monetize in the first place that I truly get all caught up in my head and start 2nd guessing myself. This project made me forget about all of that and just CREATE with no worries or boundaries and for that I truly appreciate it!! Some projects can be a drag to record and edit and give you a hard time but she was sooo easy on me. It’s like she (the project) knew exactly what I needed to give myself a push back into youtube and she gave it to me. I am estatic to share this project with you guys and I hope that you love and appreciate it just as much as I do. As always, Happy Crocheting and Stay Sunnyyyyyy!


5 thoughts on “Beachy Girl Bralette | #SunRaeeCIY 25 | Super duper EASY”

  1. What yarn did you use? You only mentioned that it was a size 4 cotton that you had never used before.

  2. Darlina Felder

    Hello this is one of the most exciting pieces I’ve seen in a while..I was gueed to make until I couldn’t find the pattern..I’m not a visual there a pattern

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