I'm finally ready to tackle the Beast

 Ok here is the run down. It’s currently 8:20pm on the 8th of June and I just left from hobby lobby. They were having their usual 30% off sale on all of their yarn but that’s not what I went in for (even thought I grabbed a few skeins lol, what can I say, I was inspired), and 50% off all their sewing notions. I went to purchase a few gadgets to help me create form fitting garments better and easier! for a total of about $130 I picked up:

  • Sew-ology eyelet kit
  • Sew-ology heay duty snaps
  • Sew-ology 2-in- 1 eyelet & snap plier
  • Sew-ology heavy duty snap pliers
  • Sew-ology transparent thread
  • black zipers of all sorts
  • 4 skeins of Red Heart hygge fur yarn in dusty pink
  • 2 skeins of I love This Yarn in Key Lime
  • 4 skeins of  I love This Yarn Print in Nova Scotian Sky

As a designer, I know how to properly measure, apply, and create custom pieces for clients BUT when I first started out it was something I struggled with. I finally feel as a teacher that I know my way around the hook enough to properly explain and teach it to others! I always strive to make my tutorials as beginner friendly and teachable as possible. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Mastering those beginner core skills helps to build a healthy crochet foundation. But what happens once we move on from that? I’m ready to tackle more advance techniques with you guys and really the know all of know alls is knowing how to work the magic formula. Only there is that one little crochet PESK thats forever and alwasy in our way, GAUGE! To master the magic formula we must master the gauge. So be sure to read up and familiarize yourself with that lesson here. Anywayssssss, I basically purchased all these materials for my next few projects where I plan to tackle The Magic formula with you guys head on. I want this process to be as fun and educational as possible.

6/9/20 Tue 5:24pm

The ladies in the Chasing SunRaee Sun Clan facbook group don’t know it yet but they are currently choosing what projects we will be making in the Magic Formula Curriculum. So last night I did a poll and asked them what did they want our next project to be on and they all voted for a PJ fuzzy set. I JUST put up another poll and asked what they wanted the PJ set to consist of and although the verdict is still out, I’m gonna assume that the shorts, basic tee, and cardigan is gonna win.

In conclusion

I honestly don’t exactly know what the purpose of this blog was lol. I guess to let you know that our next couple of projects will be based around teaching you guys how apply measurements in your designs so that yal can stop guessing, hoping, and praying that your project comes out right!

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