Issa Timelapse | Episode 1 | I strapped a GoPro to my head

What is up Sun Clan family! I wanna introduce a new video series on my channel called “Issa Time-lapse” where I record a time-lapse of my free handed projects from start to finish. I’ve always loved recording time-lapse videos of my projects but I haven’t always had the video equipment to do it, until now! I recently purchased a GoPro camera (Black Mystic is her name) for the sole purpose of recording time-lapse videos of my projects.  In these videos you will be able to follow me along my design journey!

In my very 1st episode of the series I am making this semi dramatic asf Ruffle bralette. The complete details of how this piece came into play is here. I strapped the GoPro to my head and just went to work. I don’t know if I’m completely sold on this angle to record the videos on. The next project I record I believe I will try putting the camera overhead instead of strapped to my head and see if I like that footage better. I hope you guys enjoy this video and until next time, Happy Crocheting and stay sunny!

xoxo Chasing SunRaee

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