Access to all FREE content on this site
Clans Man
$5.97 / Month
Get Full access to the site including all of my patterns
Get early access to up and coming patterns
Have an influence on up and coming designs
Access to an exclusive paid members-only Facebook group
Discounts on all of my up and coming merch, PDF patterns, crochet courses, webinars, etc.
Be able to participate in monthly giveaways, crochet challenges, and crochet games
and much, much more
Sun Chief
$10.97 / Month
With this plan you get:
All the perks of being a clans man
1 free PDF pattern coupon a month
Sun Elder
$15.97 / Month
With this plan you get:
Everything that comes with being a Clans Man, and Sun Chief
a monthly 15 minute consultation with me
Exclusive top priority Elders only Facebook group
Become a member of the round table committee

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