With this plan you get everything that comes with being a Clans Man, and a Sun Chief, PLUS:

  • a monthly 15 min consultation session with me. You can use this time to consult with me about anything. Whether it’s the best way to execute your own personal design, or help with growing your YouTube channel. You can use your time with me for whatever you like.
  • A super exclusive Elders only Facebook group where you guys will be of my top priority. In this space we will blossom together and share our trials and tribulations of our crochet journey on a more personal level. I’ll be sharing exclusive content ONLY for the elders. This group is like the behind the scenes, of the behind the scenes.
  •   You guys will kind of be like a round table committee with helping me figure out how I can make Chasing SunRaee better, what is and isn’t working for the website/YouTube channel, and just how I can be a better creator to better help you guys

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